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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our PRODUCT / SERVICE and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send email to zulenen@yahoo.com

1.How does the consultation work?
This is an on-line consultation done by phone, or video chat. When you get your confirmation call or email we agree on a time for your consultation. You will need to have the capacity to have a video chat on your device in order to have the video chat consultation.

2.How long is the consultation?
The consultation falls into 15 minute sessions up to an hour.

3.How do you pay for the sessions?
The sessions are paid in 15 minute intervals @ $15.00 per interval with this being the minimum. After submitting the on-line form you will get a call or email to confirm your time.

4.What method of payments are excepted for the sessions?
Payments are excepted by paypal and major credit cards at this time.

5.What is a beauty enhancement party?
This is a party that you host at your private space or via video. You invite your friends to see products and demonstrations about the product.

6. How does having a party benefit me?
There is no cost for you to have the party. You can earn free products depending on the sales. In the future you can earn cash.

7.Which areas do you do parties?
Within a 25 mile radius of Harrisburg, Pa. If someone wants to have a party outside of this radius, there is a travel fee with cost depending on the distance.

8.Can I have a consultation outside of the United States?
Yes, you must have the capacity for video chat on your device and you will need to pay via Paypal, US funds, or Euros prior to the consult.

Privacy Policy

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